Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trees and Plants and Whatnot

There's a pomme cannelle tree growing just behind my hut. I had no idea what it was when I moved in, it just looked like a sun-bleached twig stuck in the ground. When it started sprouting glossy dark green leaves in rainy season I was pleased, and then confused when it started growing weird dragon-egg looking pine cone things. My host family said that is was a fruit, and that it's delicious. I learned that it's called sweetsop or sugar-apple in English, and am looking forward to trying it when it gets ripe enough to eat.

Pomme cannelle/sweetsop
I also have a papaya tree just behind my hut, and am looking forward to all these big green unripe papayas turning sweet and yellow and edible.

Baobabs are also fruiting again. Before the green fuzzy fruit pods appear there are huge white hibiscus-ish flowers dangling down on those long stems, and it's beautiful like Christmastime. One of my host moms collects the fruit once it's dried out, breaks the pods open, and grinds and sifts the fruit part into a sweet powder that can be mixed with water to make a delicious, nectar-y drink.

And here's a cornfield near my compound, the harvest season is underway, but I accidentally left my hard  drive with corn harvesting and shucking photos in Kédougou, so those won't be up for another week or so.

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