Thursday, October 6, 2011


There used to be a big mirror in the Regional House shower, but someone knocked it off the wall and broke it.
Last month our plastic house French press cracked, and we bought a fancy new glass one in Dakar. It lasted a week and a half before it broke.

We were having a lovely time making delicious banana-and-yogurt smoothies with our slightly-cracked-but-totally-functional blender but then I dropped the plastic pitcher and a piece of the black base part chipped off. We thought it was still going to work, but it didn’t, and we made a huge sticky mess all over the floor. (We use the blender on the floor, under the desk with the phone, because that’s where the outlet is.)

Luckily there are volunteers expecting visitors from the USA pretty soon, and they’re nice people who’re willing to pack replacement blender parts and purportedly indestructible French presses into their checked luggage.

Someone took a photo of that smoothie mess somewhere, I’ll try to get a hold of it. 

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