Monday, October 24, 2011

Gold & BBC News

The BBC recently posted a slideshow about gold mining in Senegal, relatively close to where I live. There's also a BBC video on gold mining in the region of Kedougou as well as a BBC report on prostitution in mining areas. This isn't my village, but if you're interested it does give you a good idea of what my region looks like - I feel awkward walking around taking videos of people going about their daily business; it makes me feel like a tourist, and I don't want my neighbors to start snapping cellphone pics of the toubab washing clothes in a bucket or carrying water or whatever else I'm doing.

At this very moment what I'm doing is being in Dakar, thinking about taking a pool-side nap at the Club Atlantique. A few of up came up on the overnight Niokolo bus last night, and it was uneventful (aside from the ridiculous amounts of dust) but still quite tiring, so I'm going to try to catch up on a little sleep before heading over to the Thies Training Center for the Health & Environmental Education Summit that starts tomorrow.  

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