Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frogs & Maps

The rainy season is drawing to a close, and the frogs and snails that appeared in drove when the rains started are beginning to disappear as well. The giant land snails are almost pretty, with their big, swirled, periwinkle-esque shells, but I didn't like them sliming around inside my hut. I wasn't a huge fan of frogs in my hut, either, but the smaller ones are kinda cute, and they eat centipedes (I think) and other creepier crawly things so I don't mind. I don't like the idea of the larger ones hopping up under my mosquito net at night, so I shoo them out. 

Froggie behind my clothes trunk.
I really like this map, it shows how Salémata is at the center of a bunch of smaller satellite villages. It makes Salémata feel like a bigger village than it is; people come from all around for the weekly market, and cars in to Kédougou (and anywhere else) all depart from Salémata's garage, which is really just a shady spot in the market where the guy who has the ticket book and keeps track of things hangs out. Kédougou is off to the right somewhere, and the Guinean border is just below the general Salémata area.
Map from the Health Center

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