Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Morning Delivery

Last week the last of the materials (the PVC pipes for ventilation) were delivered to my host fmaily's compound. The truck showed up really early - I had just woken up and was still sitting around my hut, wearing my warm socks and waiting for water to heat up when I heard it rumbling up the path. 

PVC pipes being delivered
I was happy to see them being unloaded and got out my camera to document the occasion, so of course the little kids (who are always up early and full of energy) bounded over, as much to gawk at the truck as to pester me for pictures. I complied, even though I hadn't had any coffee yet. Mankaba took a dozen pictures, mostly of his feet, but also of me and Sajou, and of my arm and Sajou and Daouda. Then Daouda took about a dozen photos of the back of Mankaba's head and then Mankaba told him to stop it and then I said "Ok, that's enough." and padded back to my hut for breakfast and to get properly dressed.

"Ok, that's enough, give it back now."


  1. Hi! My name is Andra and I will be coming to Senegal in March to volunteer! So excited! Thought it might be nice to start communicating with some volunteers already there so I can kinda know what to expect, etc... Let me know if this works for you! Thanks!

  2. Hi! Congratulations! The Facebook Group for your stage is the best place I can think of to chat and talk about getting ready for Senegal. Best of luck, talk to you soon!


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