Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chocolate-Frosted Wonderland and the End of the World

Well, despite all the entertaining speculation, yesterday came and went and the world saunters on. The PCVs in Kedougou were pretty confident that at the stroke of midnight somewhere the world wouldn't come crashing down about our ears, but we made a day of it anyway. A team of crack sous-chefs helped to make a veritable vat of End of the World Chili (it was just chili) and I baked a Farewell Cake, which Rob and Owmy liked very much despite their faces in this photo. Joseph, however, was unimpressed. 

Patrick built a fire (that no one could really sit too close to because it was too hot) and gave a somewhat-salacious-but-ultimately-heartwarming an End of the World Speech while we all roasted marshmallows and we were all quite happy that the end was not nigh.

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  1. Brilliant cake words! You seem like you are having the most amazing experiences. Glad to hear your host family rocks. Thank you for the Christmas Email!! Merry Christmas!


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