Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mamadou and the Donkey Cart

My host brother Mamdou and his friends had to haul a bunch of rice sacks from one part of town to another, and to do this they employed a donkey cart. 

I really don't like donkeys here. They're scary. They can (and do) kick out for no reason, and they charge around through village like huge, bellowing bats out of hell, coming perilously close to demolishing anything (or anyone) in their paths. Also they tend to have awful, oozing sores (from fighting and beatings and general neglect), which is less scary just sad and hard to look at. 

In any case, the donkeys that (as far as I can tell) my host family owns are in decent shape and Mamadou was obviously quite pleased with himself and when they passed me in the market they took all the painting supplies I was carrying and brought them back to the house for me. They're good kids. 

Driving the donkey cart down Main Street.

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