Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The John Boehner Laterite Road Tan

There are many laterite roads in my region, and when you ride in a Niokolo safari car (or truck or bike or cart) you get coated in a thick layer of fine orange dust, which PCV Eric likes to call a John Boehner Laterite Road Tan. 

If it's really hot out (and it usually is) the best way to wash off a serious road tan is by taking a baignoire ("ban-wahr"), filling it with cold water (ice cubes optional) and sitting in it. 

Some of the Kédougou Volunteers did this while my neighbor Ian H. and I were hanging out at the Regional House, listening to ourselves talk about malaria on the Peace Corps Kédougou local radio show.

♥ Eric.
Baignoire Party with New Ian H., Ben G., and Eric

Me and Old Ian H. enjoying the sound of our own voices.

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