Monday, July 18, 2011

Five-Week Challenge and In-Service Training

Right now I'm in Thiès, starting my In-Service Training (IST) on technical aspects of the projects I'll be working on as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV). It will involve sessions on how to make nutritious weaning foods, ideas on leading community meetings, gardening with natural pesticides, baseline survey information, and lots of acronyms. It's great to see all the people from my training stage again, and last night we got to go up to Dakar for a dinner at the Country Director's house.  

The dinner party was for everyone who completed the Five Week Challenge by not spending the night at a regional house for the first five weeks of service. It wasn't exactly a fancy dinner party, but after two months out at site we were pretty thrilled with the menu, which included American breakfast cereal and cold (not powdered) milk, scrambled eggs with moringa, corn chips and guacamole, chicken wings, crispy shrimp, watermelon, salad with vinaigrette, mashed potatoes, garlic potatoes, chicken quesadillas, ratatouille, and green beans. Also, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, brownies, and ice cream cones. And Cornonas. With lime wedges. 

It was kind of amazing.   

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