Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Off to Install! Back in Five Weeks.

Tomorrow morning I install at site. I am the only one left from the Kédougou, so in the morning I will get up, load the mid-sized mountain of stuff I've accumulated into a Peace Corps car, and drive out to Salémata to be shown around, introduced to the local authorities, and to officially meet my host family. I'll move in, start unpacking, and get back to working on my Pullo Fuuta language, which feels like it's been getting rusty over the last week or so.

I'm planning on being out at site for about five weeks, but since Salémata is more of a small town than a village in many ways I'll have electricity for a couple hours in the evening on most days, good cell phone coverage and possibly some e-mail access.  I'll also be doing my best to check (and send!) mail. My address again:                      PCV LaRocha LaRiviere
                       Corps de la Paix
                       B.P. 37    Kédougou
                       Senegal - West Africa 

and I'm still looking for postcards and pictures for hut decorating!

I'll be back in Kédougou in July, and will make sure to have some photo albums ready to post as soon as I get back to reliable wifi.

Also! I talked with Emma, my roommate at the Training center during PST, and was happy to hear that she had a good install and has great cell phone coverage, or reseau ("network" in French) as they say here.

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