Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nostalgia for the Relatively Recent Past

Another fun thing for those of you not on Facebook: Last Christmas I made gingerbread houses, one for my family in Berkeley and one for the kids I babysat while I was in California. I got pretty into it, melting LifeSavers into little windows and everything. I haven't baked anything as ambitious since I was living the Swiss Life...

When we were little we would decorate gingerbread houses during the holidays, and then my brother and I and our cousins would use a toy tool set to break them into gnaw-able chunks. It turns out that smashing a gingerbread house is fun for grown-ups, too, and I finally uploaded the pictures into a Picasa album. I think it's fun to watch as a slideshow set to the fastest setting, like a virtual flip-book.

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