Monday, May 16, 2011

Arrival in Kédougou!

Now that PST is over the six of us who are moving to to Kédougou had to drive down in sept-places ("seven-seats") station wagons, which are creepily hearse-like. There were three of us in each car, and aside from the dust and the heat it was about as pleasant as a 12-hour drive through sub-Saharan Africa can be.

That is me in the back seat, Patrick in the front seat, Marielle taking the picture, and all of our bags and boxes and water filters and mosquito nets and med kits and bikes and helmets and everything piled on top. Here's the map of the trip - I'm in the city of Kédougou now, and on Thursday I'll be installing in Salémata.
The current volunteers (PCVs) made a fantastic dinner, and the next day we got up and went to see part of one of the Bassari initiation ceremonies. I have photos, of that and of our swearing-in ceremony in Dakar, and I will post those soon too. 

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