Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Off to the Village (again)

I'm about to head back out to Darou, my training village, for another week of Pullo Fuuta language classes.

I think I'm getting a cold (which seems ridiculous because it's so hot out) but other than that things are going pretty well.

I'll be going back and forth between the Thiès Training Center and Darou until May 13th, when we'll go to Dakar to officially swear in as Peace Corps Volunteers. (Inchallah.) Then I'll go down to Kédougou and they'll help me install in Salémata, my village, where I'll spend a couple months doing observation, language practice, and starting a baseline health survey of my village. After that I'll come back to Thiès for In-Service Training (IST) on technical stuff and grantwriting and whatnot, and then after that I'll be able to really start working on my service projects.

So, that's the plan! Have a lovely week ~ 

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