Thursday, April 7, 2011

Greetings to Senegal!

So, this afternoon we find out where our site assignments will be, and the site announcement is going to be on Senegalese TV. (Apparently the son of a Senegalese pop star has his own channel? And wants to make a reality show about Peace Corps Volunteers? More about that later, hopefully.)

We won't install in out sites until mid-May, but it will be nice to know who we'll be near (even though the whole country is about the size of South Dakota, so no one will be that far apart) and just the general direction we'll be headed.
I'm super stoked about having a hut all to myself (I'm already dreaming about tables...) and am excited about decorating my walls with the lovely postcards, greeting cards, and photos that people have sent me... aaaand speaking of sending me cards, in case you're interested, my address for the next month or so will be:

PCT LaRocha LaRiviere
Corps de la Paix Training Center
B.P. 299 Thiès

Many thanks to Lauren, Janet, Katie Murphy, and my mom for the lovely cards ~ 

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