Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ça va la tête?

I've been very into hat-wearing lately (since my part burns horribly if I don't) and it's been working out really well except for the how the brim sometimes interferes with my peripheral vision. Last week, on my way to the village health post with Hilary (my fellow Health stagière) I walked under a sign. Or, I would have, but I couldn't see that I was slightly taller than the bottom of the sign, and I smacked my head on it. Pretty hard. And once Hilary had verified that I hadn't given myself a concussion she laughed and laughed and laughed, and I though that was the end of it. 
Then, yesterday afternoon, in a different part of town, we were walking back from class and a guy I don't know called out hello and then asked "Ça va la tête?" which means "How's your head?" and also "What is wrong with you?!" I must have looked confused, because he continued in French, said "Don't you remember when you hit your head? You hit it really hard, did you forget?"
I had not forgotten (apparently no one else has either) and Hilary got to have another good laugh. 

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