Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Biking in to Town

Today my sitemate Little Jess and I biked from Salémata to the Regional House in Kédougou , about 80 kilometers/50 miles on a fairly terrible laterite road. My pants caught on my bike and ripped all the way across my upper upper thigh, Jess fell in a huge mud puddle and had to fish around in it for her flip flops, by noon it felt like we were on the sunny side of Mercury, and all we ate was Biskrem and bananas. 

Obviously, it was pretty fantastic, we're going to do it again soon. 

Yesterday was Tabaski (more on that when the photos upload) and we came in to Kédougou today for the day, to check mail, enjoy the Install Dinner for the new Agriculture/Forestry volunteers. We (Meera, really) cooked up a giant vat of delicious, delicious chili, it's going to be great.

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