Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Mama

Awhile back I was telling someone how cute Saliou, their little boy, is and they exclaimed "You should marry him You think he's pretty! Marry him!" Because my Pullo Fuuta was still just barely functional I was slightly confused, and I guess it showed in my face, prompting my host sister to gently place a hand on my knee while telling me in an overly reassuring tone that they were, in fact, joking, and did not expect me to marry a baby.

Saliou and Sajou Ba, being serious.

Then, the other day, I was chatting with a neighbor, admiring her newborn baby girl, and she said "Oh, you think she's very pretty? Well, then she should marry your father! Because he's the chef du village! And then... she would be your mother! Come greet your baby-mother!" This was pretty funny for everyone except the baby, Kadjitou, who slept through the whole thing. I see them around my village, at the Health Center and in the weekly market, and the mom always calls out "Adama! Come greet your neene! Your neene is here!"

And so I do. 

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