Thursday, August 4, 2011

N'ice Cream

I have been in Dakar for a few days for a dentist appointment, and because of the power outages and the total lack of internet access at the Dakar regional house it's been surprisingly inconvenient to get online. However, it is really convenient to get ice cream, and there's a place downtown called N'ice Cream that's as close as Dakar comes to having an American-style ice cream shop. 

As delicious as many of the flavors are, there are a few significant differences between Baskin Robbins and N'ice Cream. First, despite the name, the employees at N'ice Cream aren't actually that nice. For instance, you only get two samples, and those are given somewhat begrudgingly. Also, many of the flavors are not labeled, and it can be a challenge to get someone to tell you what's what, which, combined with the sample limits, adds a certain element of surprise to the whole flavor selection process. It's still really fun though, and so yesterday, after we finished up at the dentist, my friend Chelsea and since we're in Dakar and had just gotten out dental problems taken care of we decided to have a frozen sugarfest to celebrate.

Chelsea at N'ice Cream
Chelsea ordered Tiramisu with Strawberry and she got Vanilla with Blueberry. It was still very good, but confusing.

Blu N'ice, Triple Chocolate, Rainbow Sprinkles
As far as we could tell, Blu N'ice seems to be frosting flavored. When paired with Triple Chocolate and Rainbow Sprinkles it's pretty much like eating a cupcake. A frozen, pureéd, and reconstituted cupcake. It was amazing. 

Blu N'ice, Triple Chocolate, and Sprinkles

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