Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Blue Dress Party Continues

At the end of IST (In-Service Training) there was a meeting for SeneGAD (the Senegal Gender And Development group) and that involved the SeneGAD Fukkijai. A fukkijai is basically just an informal thrift store (most of the stuff was obviously donated form America and actually still has tags on it from places like Savers and Value Village) and so SeneGAD sets up a Fukkijai and the proceeds go to funding scholarships for Senegalese girls in middle school. 

There was even a Patagonia factory reject table, which is where Sarah L. got this lovely pale blue dress.
Fukkijai Fashion Show
These dresses are totally sy-sy (scandalous and/or trouble-making) because you can see our knees. Our knees!!! We'll have to wear leggings if we wear these out in public.
Emma, Ivy, LaRocha, Sarah, Mac
Emma, Ivy, LaRocha, Sarah, Mac (again)
Remix! Ivy, LaRocha, Nic, Sarah, Mac
Logger Time with Mac

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