Friday, February 1, 2013

Bows & Arrows

While he was visiting my village my brother and I walked over to the market area and on our way back we saw some boys playing under the trees. I thought "Huh, it looks like they're shooting arrows in the air." As it happened, that was indeed what they were doing. Not real arrows with tips or anything, just little stick bows and little arrow sticks and bits of cloth or twine as a drawstring. 

They were all cheerful and super proud of their bows, so we reminded them to be careful (wouldn't want to put an eye out, after all) and then obliged them and took some pictures, which they immediately viewed and declared to be very very nice. (Made me I wish I had a bigger screen on my digital camera.)

Once I get back to America I'll develop these photos, along with a whole bunch of other ones (it is excessively costly to develop photos here) and then send them to my village care of one of the other PCVs in the region. It's odd, to think that I'll be leaving here in a few short months, but it's reassuring to remember that there will still be volunteers around - my replacement, my PCV neighbors - to pass on letters and photos and greet the family. 

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