Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Cake

It's my birthday today, and I've had a lovely time so far. I woke up and opened all the mail and packages that I picked up yesterday and was a little overwhelmed by how perfect and wonderful everything was; I am very, very lucky to have to many amazing people in my life. 

Amazing things from America

 One of the many lovely things that my friends & family in California sent was this cake, which (a little miraculously) survived the long journey, edible and intact. We assembled it, PCVs Chip, Ashleigh and Jackie lit the candles, and Katie took photos. It was all very adorable.

(Making an exaggerated making-a-wish face.)
Trick candle!

It was also only the beginning. It's my friend Marielle's birthday as well, and we've had a great time with everyone who came in to the Regional House today. We've been making spring rolls with dipping sauces, squash and sweet potato soup, baking Ghirardelli double-chocolate brownies and cakes with fancy frosting, and getting ready to finish watching Summer Heights High on the projector after it gets dark.

It really doesn't feel like I'm roughing it today. 

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