Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bikram Lunch

So, a lot of people in America are into yoga these days, and Bikram Yoga, where people do all that stretching and posing and whatnot in a humid room heated to 105°F (≈ 41°C), has caught on in some places. From what I understand the idea is that doing this is cleansing, that it builds endurance, that it stimulates good stuff in your body, and that it warms up and loosens your muscles. I like yoga and I like steam rooms, and it seems like a fine idea to me.

However, I was thinking about this the other day, when the temperature was about 42°C (≈108°F), while I was perched on my little stool under the mango tree, quietly sweating, waiting for Gaulo and Bailo, my host sisters, to bring over our lunch bowl (steamed rice with peanut sauce, as usual). I was thinking about the heat, and hot yoga, and what we like to call "the face-sweats" (which is happens when you eat during hot season) and how people would react if, after they finished their hot yoga workout, they were presented with a steaming bowl of rich, salty rice and sauce and told to dig in. It's funny, but not the most appetizing thought.

Pre-Lunch Face-Sweat Levels
I've made plenty of hot-season jokes about how I should have called this blog "Bikram Life" but sitting there at the bowl, spoon in hand, perspiration trickling into my eyes and dripping down my calves, "Bikram Lunch" seemed to do a better job of summing it all up.

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