Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joseph the Cat

This is Joseph, the Kédougou Regional House cat. 

He used to be Kate’s cat in village, but he made the move to the big city and (after an epic Dino Party) since then Kate has COSed1 and gone back America. He’s chatty and slightly nuts and likes to sit at the table like a human person and sometimes comes and sleeps on my feet, which is adorable. 

He is INSANE about hard-boiled eggs. 

I really can’t exaggerate his egg-mania. (I feel like there should be a word for that.) He yowls if he sees them, comes running if he hears shells cracking, and rears up dancing on his hind legs if you’re dawdling while peeling one. Once you drop it (you have to drop it, he will tear into your fingers if they’re between him and an egg) he’ll latch on, growling like a ferocious little wildcat, and wolf it down as fast as his little jaws can demolish it.

1Close-of-Service, when you do a mid-sized mountain of paperwork and they send you home.

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